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Behold, my gallery of random drawings, photos, animations, and crap.
I think I FINALLY figured out a genre to use for the game... I will let you know what that is when it's all verified and I come up with a story for it... well, IF I do... but yes, that's good. I sort of had an epiphany one night, heheh.

Progress on the animation is alright. Again, slow, but okay... how many times have I said that, now? Like 5? I dunno. But I HOPE it will be out by either the end of the month, or, at the latest, October. I also have a potential job coming up soon, since I lost my job in PA because I had to quit because I had to move back to CO, lol. It would be nice, money is nice to buy things with. There's too many things I want to buy.

Also, about tablets... do I want a screen tablet, like say, a Cintiq? I mean, that's the one everyone wants and everyone says is great, but then again, when I draw on paper, my hand gets in the way of like half the drawing most of the time, you know what I mean? For animation I could totally see how it would help, but ehh... still... I just dunno. That's a long ways from now though, anyway, because they're ridiculously expensive for no reason. No I mean really, $1,000 for the smallest size? Why a thousand dollars? iPads are touch-sensitive tablets as well, and they have the function to compute. They're computers with a touch-screen. A Cintiq is just a touch screen. I don't care if it's slightly more precise or whatever, they're too expensive. But then again, supply-and-demand, and Wacom is apparently the only company in existence that makes tablets that aren't annoying, so... eh, whatever. I'm done complaining, I guess.

Lately though, some disappointing thoughts have been running through the head. Times have certainly changed in the whole media thing. Yeah, I can't really say that I know what times were like "back in the day" since I wasn't old enough while in that period, but then again, I think we can all see what it was like. Though the internet certainly helps us get our names out and get into contact with producers and publishers these days... that's also the problem, EVERYBODY seems to be swarming around them, all toppling over each other and pushing everyone out of the way so they can get to the top first, you know? There's just so much stuff in the way, it makes it difficult to find the good. And even then, the good all topples over the other good. There's also the 24-year-olds that act like they're 13. I've dealt with crap like people shoving their videos in my face and trying to get me to put a like on them (no, I mean, actually telling me to like them), but not once have they ever done the same to any of my work. lol stupid fucking assholes.

Back in the 90s and even the early 2000s, there wasn't nearly as many people trying to do this stuff, it wasn't as easy as hopping on a computer and pushing a few buttons. Sure, getting into contact with, say, a publisher was a bit more difficult, but at least there wasn't 3 billion people spamming up their inboxes.

I dunno, is this just me who sees this? I dunno, who cares. I kinda wish I didn't bring it up, but now I already typed all of that so it's too late. I could always go back and erase it but... I also couldn't. You know what, I won't. I just feel like I'm not really gonna get anywhere with all of this, no matter how much I improve or whatever. I feel like things are all getting worse in the media entertainment business, like it will only get more difficult to get an actual job in it. Yes, I'm talking about an actual career in one of these fields, not just "I want 100k subs on YouTube" bullshit. Like, I dunno.

See, this is what my mind does to itself. It just goes on and on and on and digs deeper and gets more sad and confused, especially when I'm attempting to fall asleep. Also I went through like 2 episodes of South Park while writing this. The Lil' Cops one and the Native American Casino one, lol.

BOTTOM-LINE, as I was actually starting out with in this stupid post, projects are going alright.
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Greetings, my name is Ben, but my alias around here is "Twisted4000". I am 18-years-old. I like to draw, create and animate cartoons, and a bit of music creation and voice acting if I need to. Other hobbies I have include knives, firearms and weapons in general, playing guitar, balisongs, and the outdoors (particularly forests).

Arrogance, conceitedness, pompousness, narcissism, I hate it all. But humbleness, modesty, and righteousness, all delight me.

Anyway, hope you enjoy my art. I'm not nearly as good as I want to be at this point, but every drawing I make is practice and gets me a step closer to my goal.

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